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Location of the Remount Depot

Posted by HWF on June 11, 2010
By 1915, the Remount Depot had three large sites, surrounding Hardmoor Copse at Stoneham Park. (Link to Google Maps.)

Site plan superimposed on 1908 OS Map.

Site plan superimposed on satellite image (Google Earth)

North Camp

The North Camp occupied 51 acres, mostly within a portion of the Park known as 'the Lawn' (which was later the showground for the 1932 Royal Show). This view is looking east along the M27, with Junction 5 in the distance, showing that the motorway now bisects the site of the North Camp. The white arrow on the bottom left of the image indicates the position and site-line of a 1915 photograph (below) which was taken from the roof of a barracks hut.

North Camp site plan superimposed on satellite image (Google Earth).

The South Camp

The South Camp was built on fields on Underwoods Farm and Swaythling Farm (both on the Fleming Estate), each side of Bassett Green Road, stretching from Stoneham Lane to Bassett Green village. At the centre were two vast forage barns, from which a light railway network spread out. The Camp also contained the Officers' Quarters, a large electricity generating station, and a men's hospital. The area is now covered by housing (Leaside Way - Brading Close - Bonchurch Close - Ethelburt Avenue - Poppy Road - Lobelia Road - Lupin Road).

South Camp site plan superimposed on satellite image (Google Earth).

The Veterinary Hospital

The Veterinary Hospital occupied 14-acre Hardmoor Close, on the northeast side of Bassett Green Road, northwest of Bassett Green village. There were also loose boxes placed along the southwest side of Bassett Green Road. As well as being crossed by the M27, the site is today mostly covered by housing (Monks Wood Close). The bridge in the foreground leads to Stoneham Golf Club.

Site plan superimposed on satellite image (Google Earth).

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