Frequently Asked Questions

Who worked at the Remount Depot?

The Depot was run by the Remounts Service of the Army Service Corps. There were eleven squadrons at Swaythling, each designated by a letter, for instance: 'A' Squadron. 25,000 servicemen passed through the Depot between 1914 and 1920. Some of the servicemen went to Swaythling for training, before moving on elsewhere. Others went there to perform light duties after being injured elsewhere. Women also worked at the Depot, in the Forage Corps. Many of the servicemen had no previous experience working with horses.

I am researching someone who worked at the Remount Depot, are there any personnel records available?

There are no known collections of personnel records, unfortunately. But we would like to hear from you.

Where exactly was the Depot?

The Depot was built over a number of sites on parkland and farmland on the north edge of Southampton at North Stoneham. The Depot took its name from Swaythling railway station. See map.

Are there any visible remains of the Depot?

No, I don't believe so. The structures at the Depot were temporary, and all the sites were later redeveloped.